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Thurman's accident," states Adams in an email to THR. At no point was I notified or consulted about Ms.

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Thurman driving a car on camera that day. Adams — an experienced coordinator with a particular expertise in automotive work, according to veteran stunt performer and coordinator Andy Armstrong — did not say whether he thought his department was intentionally held at bay to facilitate having an actor perform driving maneuvers. It was not immediately clear who prepared the call sheet that day and who decided to idle the stunt department.

Tarantino told Deadline that "none of us ever considered it a stunt. It was just driving. The new statement from the stunt coordinator underscores Thurman's description of the Karmann Ghia as a profound hazard. Thurman explained to the writer that "the seat wasn't screwed down properly" and that she'd been told the vintage convertible had been converted from stick shift to automatic.

The car's allegedly sad shape came as no surprise to Melissa Stubbs, also a veteran stunt performer and coordinator. Armstrong agreed, noting that non-stunt picture cars are generally towed on flatbed "process trailers" while being filmed, making it easier to rig lights and cameras and allowing an actor to give the illusion of driving without anyone being endangered.

Shock Hammer. Seismic Shaker. Battle Mace. Ogre Hammer. Mythril Mace.

Wildfire Mace. Hoarfrost Mace.

Voltaic Mace. Seraphim Mace. Thor's Hammer. Silver Scythe. Platinum Scythe. Wyvern Fang. Mythril Scythe. Pixie's Scythe. Silver Whipblade. Platinum Whipblade. Sleipnir Tail. Chain Whipblade. Wyvern Tail.

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Mythril Whipblade. Wildfire Whipblade. Hoarfrost Whipblade. Voltaic Whipblade. Silver Knuckles. Killer Knuckles.

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Heavy Knuckles. Platinum Knuckles. Iron Fists.

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Mythril Gloves. Diamond Fists. Adamant Knuckles. Master Fists. Kaiser Knuckles. Demon Fists. Heavy Lance. Wyvern Horn. Holy Lance. Mythril Lance. Wildfire Spear. Hoarfrost Spear.

Voltaic Spear. Venus Gospel. Kain's Lance. Lance of Longinus.

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Black Widow. Mythril Blade. Genji Blade. Rune Saber. Ancient Blade.

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Mythril Saber. Wildfire Saber. Hoarfrost Saber. Voltaic Saber. Save the Queen. Phantasmal Blade. Celestial Saber. Twin Magnums. Double Dragons. Dual Blasters.

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Mythril Blasters. Death Penalties. Supershot STs.