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One Man's Journey is a three-film documentary series featuring the canoe travels of naturalist and filmmaker Robert Perkins. The series was broadcast on PBS.
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My name is Paul Ashberry.

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I managed to keep the real dangers at bay until my mid-thirties. But when cystic fibrosis made its presence felt, it became an unstoppable force and I was the easily movable object. I was put on the transplant list and had a terrifying three year wait to get the life-saving operation before time ran out. That was over six years ago.

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I wrote this book as a way of capturing some of the experiences I had. Some of the hardest were walking with others, trying to keep pace. Unable to stop for the rest needed, concentrating on breathing to get through the next step, a destination in the distance never coming closer, always hoping no questions, please not any questions - walking and talking at the same time was impossible.

I developed ruses to stop for a few seconds, an untied shoelace or a sudden need to use the toilet in a pub we might pass. Resurrection is the last word; death is not.

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Jon says that strength, and the close community of Wartburg, made it possible for he and Renee to complete their studies and graduate that spring. In an attempt to find closure, Jon and Renee have returned to Haiti twice since the earthquake, once in early and again this past January. We wanted to visit the friends who had taken care of us — the people of the Lutheran church there, of St. We also wanted to be there to witness recovery. After being ordained, Jon served as an interim youth director before receiving the call as associate pastor for Faith Lutheran Church in Bismarck earlier this year.

Following the death of his mother during his freshman year, he says he fell in love with thinking theologically. He enjoyed his religion courses, became especially connected with the Chapel, serving as president of Chapel staff during his senior year, and formed strong bonds with a number of his professors, including Dr. Ann Pederson and the Rev. Paul Rohde. It was a big blow for me as a freshman in college. She helped me in a lot of ways. We still keep in touch via email. I consider him my friend. We can talk about faith and struggles and perseverance.

He says his mentors and the lessons they taught him, along with the experiences of losing his mother and his best friend, have prepared him for the role he holds today — a position, he says, that is, in some ways, similar to other professions.

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I get a ton of life. I teach Sunday school lessons with elementary schoolers. I teach confirmation with junior high kids. I help coordinate activities with senior high kids.

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I have conversations with young adults. I meet with people from older generations through Bible study, worship and committees. We all read the same scripture and we all have many of the same questions about God and life. I have the privilege to share the message about God with them — to be a vessel of God.

I know what it feels like to feel broken and abandoned and struggling to survive. My experiences influence how I speak and how I act. I wish people felt they could talk more. His experiences, he says, have helped him especially when it comes to counseling others in grief. But I know that God cares for you and walks with you through this.

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I know that. And so, the message I try to proclaim has an extra punch to it. I do recognize that I have insights into suffering in this world. In April, more than guests turned out to witness Jon marry the woman who had become his best friend — someone with whom he had journeyed through the unimaginable. A fellow pastor who, like him, had suffered unspeakable grief and loss and who, by the grace of God, had survived. We both continue to love Ben everyday. After the earthquake, we supported each other. That support grew over time and we came to love each other and give each other new life. It is a bittersweet ending to a tragic period in their lives and one, as Jon says, that symbolizes how hope and faith can offer new beginnings. His parents are my aunt and uncle and are also my Godparents.

His memory is scattered throughout this space.

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Without question, the couple, who have combined their names and now go by Jon and Renee Splichal Larson, share an immeasurable bond.